I’m trying to write something everyday, but it’s so hard. I have to do it though. The only way I can practice my writing is doing it everyday. I don’t wanna keep on talking about mundane things but there’s nothing happening right now.

I’ve decided I am going to go with my second blog idea. I’m just gonna need to grab a tripod. So watch this space!

How about you? Any upcoming projects?





Say hello to Marley! Spent some time with him today. He’s such a cutie. He is due for a walk and I really need to train for Round The Bays so might do both this week (two birds with one stone!). Anyway, I just popped by to say hello. Will chat more tomorrow.

Toodles. x

Weekend madness

I still haven’t gotten around to getting a key for my Adobe Lightroom so I’m still stuck using my phone for pictures. Thank god for the WordPress app. It makes my life a little microscopically tiny bit easier. **

Anyway, today has been a very steady day. Didn’t do anything exciting.

Went out for a bit to Glenfield mall. Shane had to post something. I managed to convince him to buy me ice cream! Success!


I was also able to sort out my Pinterest account today. I only have a couple of pins up at the moment but come see and follow. Look here

Hopefully I can have some stuff on my pinterest boards soon. It looks pretty sad right now.


Was lazy to do dinner again so decided to take up Dominoes on their deal on 3 pizzas delivered for $24. Pretty good deal eh? I love cold pizza so this will be awesome tomorrow.

I hope something exciting happens tomorrow cause I have a feeling I’m boring you all!

Toodles. x

**pictures never upload properly and it is a PAIN


Tonight, a friend and I arranged to meet in the city. I did a little detour to this Japanese Store by the Civic theatre. Everything was $3.50. It was amazing how much stuff was in there. I saw some pretty cool stuff and some pretty weird ones too. Haha!



My friend and I met at Academy Cinemas to see We Need to Talk About Kevin. It was a great film. A bit slow at the start but overall really good. I don’t wanna say too much about it because I know a lot of people who want to see it. But I will say that it focused a lot on the relationship between mother and son. I haven’t read the book yet but I really want to.

You have to see the movie and tell me what you think.

We had dinner at Momo tea after the movie and had a big discussion about things and life. I feel so good unloading and sharing a lot of my experiences.. It’s really great to tell someone you can help cause you’ve been there.

Another night well spent. Sorry for the short entry but I’m pretty tired from today. Have a good weekend!! x


Hey guys! There’s something wrong with my NZ Fashion Festival post but I am trying to fix it. Hopefully all the images will be up again soon. Thanks for being patient.


No photos today, sorry! This morning I was a bit stumped at figuring out what to wear. Usually I would try to get my outfit sorted the night before but I really couldn’t think of anything. I’m thinking of starting another blog dedicated to figuring out what to wear the next day. I know I’m not the only one who has this problem. I know a lot of women who always feel like they have nothing to wear. Hmmm…What do you think? Should I go for it?

I’ve been trying to look for songs that I can practice on Jimbo (my guitar). I’ve been looking at videos but, to be honest, I’m not really good at learning through videos. I need to see the chords/tabs myself. The problem is, I don’t know what songs would be easy and most of the ones suggested need a capo and, at the moment, I don’t have a capo. I guess I’m going to have to buy one first…

Oh and did I mention I want to try the Uke? It’s smaller than a guitar and only has four strings so it should be easy, right? Patty should be able to tell me!

It’s about two and a half months until my family and I fly off to the Philippines for a holiday. I haven’t been back in seven years! I’ve never been back since I left. It’s been a really long time and there’s a lot of catching up to do. I never really felt the need to go back for a holiday so I always left it till later. Time really goes fast and next thing you know seven years have past and I still haven’t visited. Well, in the next two and a half months I will be there. I can imagine a lot has changed but I’m very excited. I can’t wait to see everyone again. While I’m there maybe I can buy a Uke so I can finally start learning how to play. Maybe even a new guitar! I I really can’t wait. I’m sure my boyfriend feels the same way. He’s not coming with me but he’s going to be alone for two weeks. I bet he’s pretty stoked and looking forward to the solitude. Haha!

Anyway, I’m just rambling on. Hopefully I have better things to report tomorrow.

Toodles 🙂



on my way

I don’t have many pictures today. I went to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet tonight. They perfomed NYC which stands for New Young Classic. They did 3 short ballets from New York. Photography was prohibited, unfortunately.

The first ballet was 28 Variations on a Theme by Paganini. I was very excited to see this particular ballet because it was choreographed by Benjamin Millepied. It was a fantastic performace. I am in no way a ballet expert, but i thought it was very sweet and romantic.

Second ballet was Final Dress. This one was by far the best. I loved everything about it. The setting was fantastic, so were the costumes and choreography.

Everybody loved it. Some even gave them a standing ovation. It was that good.

Third ballet was Who Cares. This one was very cute. It had like a 20s New York theme going I think. In this ballet we saw Sergio Torrado dance a solo. He is amazing. So light in his feet and his jumps were amazing. He also danced with three of the prima ballerinas and the way he lifted each of them made it look like they were light as a feather.

I really love the ballet and I am so glad I still went even though I was alone. Totally worth it.

Did you see their show too? If not, don’t worry you can come with me next time!



It was a wee bit slow and quiet at work today. It gets me a bit concerned, really. See, I work for the newspaper in the advertising department. The only reason a day/week would be slow is because there is no advertising sold/being sold. I love the newspaper that’s why it’s sad to see it dying slowly.

Well, I got a bit bored and took pictures of my desk haha.


So, apart from the fact that the paper is dying, it was cold enough today for me to wear my boots! I love winter fashion! I may not like winter weather but the fashion during this time of year is awesome.


I can’t wait to go out and see the selection of coats available in the high street. I went into Glassons last week and they already had some coats available. There’s an adorable Mustard/Yellow Cape (see it here) and this gorgeous Swing Coat with a fur collar (see it here). You must see! Go to their website and have a look.

I’m gonna be looking through their online catalogue later,  I can’t wait. Right now though, I’m sorting out dinner. I’ve decided to make some mini pizzas with Salami and wholewheat pitas.


I’m not the healthiest person but I do try. I love cooking but I get lazy sometimes. Haha. Anyway, those pizzas ain’t gonna bake themselves!

Toodles! x

Late Night


meet Horton and Who

I’m a bit late on posting today. About 45 minutes left till the day is over. Work went really quick which is always a good thing. I was able to catch the early bus which gave me the chance to have some alone time.



I decided to let Jimbo, my guitar, out today. I haven’t played him in years! It was so nice to play him again. I’m really rusty so I am going to have to do some practicing.

Also, popped by Patty’s tonight to drop off a Swan plant with a couple of caterpillars on it. Figured she would like her own. We had a good chat over peppermint tea. It’s so nice to talk about life sometimes. It’s so relaxing. It’s also nice to know what kind of problems other people deal with. I just love doing that, you know? I don’t need to go out and party, all I need is tea and a good friend.

Anyway, I should head off if I still plan to wake up on time tomorrow. Hope you had a good one! But if not, don’t worry cause it’s a whole new day tomorrow.

Not too lazy Sunday

Had a really quiet one today. After all the hubub yesterday with the Fashion Festival I wanted to just relax and stay home. I was a bit tempted to go outside because it was such a gorgeous day but decided not to. Did some chores and lazed around instead.


my weapons of choice for today. A bunch of cleaning products and a pair of Yellow gloves. Dexter's mom would be proud.

I don’t know about you, but cleaning makes me feel great. Well not really while I’m cleaning but definitely after! I get a sense of acomplishment. Life’s little pleasures, maybe? Haha.


Oh so domesticated I am! haha

We’re really fortunate that our apartment comes with a washing machine. Then again, the washing machine does scare me. It’s so old, I swear it’s gonna give in soon!


I mix my colours!


I also had time today to play with our caterpillars. We had 16 on our Swan plants until they ate the plants to death. We were able to retrieve 7 which we kept in a little container until we could buy another plant.


Say hello!

one of them couldn’t wait for the new plants though. He decided to chrysalize (is that a word?) while they were in the container.


I named him Gummy Worm when he was still a caterpillar. Not so gummy anymore.

I can’t wait until he turns into a butterfly. Once the chrysalis turns dark we’ll move him outside so he can fly away. I’m going to miss the caterpillars when they all go. I’ll have to wait till next year for the butterflies to lay eggs in our plants again.

oh well, it was a very calm and relaxing Sunday indeed. Hope you had a good one too because it’s.. dare I say it? Monday tomorrow (sigh)

New Zealand Fashion Festival

Went to the NZFF today. Saw two fashion shows at the Atrium at Takutai in Britomart.

First show I saw was the On The Town Catwalk Show. It featured collections from Curate, Made and Ted Baker.


Some very gorgeous clothes were shown. I looooved Ted Baker’s collection. It was better than what I expected.


Also, was very impressed by Westpac’s designer of the year,

Drooled over this sweater. I loved how she paired it with those pants too!

Second show was Kathryn Wilson, NZ’s top shoe designer. Some gorgeous shoes were shown but my seat was in the second row so I wasn’t able to take good pictures.

It was a pretty good show, I think. It had a fantastic end when the one and only male model came out surrounded by all the female models.

I thoroughly enjoyed today and was very impressed by the event and the crowd. Hopefully they keep this up every year cause i wouldn’t mind doing it again

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